I had a rough night. I’m never sure what triggers these, aside from the obvious… but most days I can get through hiding much of what I’m feeling from the world. This ” bomb cyclone” weather we were hit with over the past two days was great weather for walking the dogs as my tears just blended into the rain.

I was informed yesterday of the date I am required to be in Trenton for the Board of Inquiry. I lay awake most of the night thinking about what to expect and what I am going to say in my testimony. Lack of sleep; a constant cycle of rumination led to a pretty rough go at 5 am.

I’m, so tired. 😦

Published by iamtherealjude

I am a mother of four beautiful grown children. My son Sam: My youngest boy, lost his fight with his demons on Aug 19, 2021. This blog is a dedication to my sweet young man who I will forever look for in the beauty of this world until my last breath.

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