I just miss him….so much

It’s only been five weeks and one day. My son left me on a Rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes, I’m not even sure what it is that sends me into the most intense bone racking convulsive fits of crying. It can be anything. The thought of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, his birthday, Monday, Wednesday, a trip to Walmart….. I miss him more than I miss my own breath when I try to hold it too long. It’s still so fresh for me. I wonder if it ever won’t be. You know, the pain I can take. It’s missing him that I can’t.

Published by iamtherealjude

I am a mother of four beautiful grown children. My son Sam: My youngest boy, lost his fight with his demons on Aug 19, 2021. This blog is a dedication to my sweet young man who I will forever look for in the beauty of this world until my last breath.

One thought on “I just miss him….so much

  1. I can’t answer your questions, but I can tell you that for me, the grief subsided when it was time and not before. I did find a place past grief where I can live in peace. The hardest part of grieving for me was when I allowed others to put expectations on it.


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